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Get sender info with the MailHops plugin. Works with the latest Thunderbird.
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Incorporate MailHops into your email flow for analytics about email routes, sender origin, habits, and incoming messages.

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MailHops is OpenSource, so fork away at our GitHub repos.


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MailHops Dashboard
Geo Message Mapping
Sender Tagging & Filtering
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MailHops Alerts
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MailHops Dashboard
Geo Message Mapping
Sender Tagging & Filtering
Sender Weather **
MailHops Alerts
Precision Geo *
Daily Messages
1 Year Retention
* Works with MaxMind Precision, this is a separate license from MaxMind.
** Let's talk about the weather, works with OpenWeatherMap to reveal the sender's weather.
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Our Amazing Team

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...and a brief exciting history of electronic mail.

  • 1971


    Ray Tomlinson sends the first email with the at symbol! Denoting a user@host.

  • 1981

    SMTP is born!

    Jon Postel published SMTP in RFC 788

  • 1983

    80% of all mail is sent with Sendmail!

    Eric Allman wrote Sendmail as a derivative of delivermail. In 1996, approximately 80% of the publicly reachable mail-servers on the Internet ran Sendmail.

  • 1989

    You've got mail!

    AOL's mail client first announces the ubiquitous phrase.

  • July 4th 1996

    ISP Free!

    HoTMaiL (HTML mail) founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith was one of the first webmail services not connected to an ISP. First 2 MB Free!

  • April 1st 2004

    Caribou is Gmail. April fools!

    Paul Buchheit came up with the idea for the web based email client gmail and offered it as an invitation-only beta release. With 1 GB Free!

  • 2004

    1 Million Downloads!

    The free open source Mozillia Thunderbird email client version 1.0 hit 1 million downloads in just 10 days.

  • 2011

    5,000 miles!

    MailHops maps your email, first message sent/received traveled 5,000 miles from Richmond, VA to Cambridge, MA via Provo, UT. Launches the Thunderbird plugin.

  • 2021

    10 Years! Thank You.

    MailHops updates continue, being a top plugin for the latest Thunderbird client. Processing 259,236,197 messages through 147,835 cities and 240 countries.


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